3D tools for better learning

3D simulations offer a whole new world : Professionals can take orders for products that don’t even exist yet...

3D simulators are used more and more for teaching and public organisations and companies start to recognize the advantages of this tool. For what goal? give future professionals the means to quickly learn how to manipulate factory machinery that haven’t even been created yet. A dream come true, 3d simulations offers this advantage : reinforcing the link between action/perception of human beings and the virtual environment.


OPEN CAP STUDIO, with the help of our Serious Game "MentorMaster", offers a whole new and unique way to to teach and monitor acquired knowledge.

Learning how to use new machinery will never be more easy and you won’t need to enlist the help of specialists anymore to teach and test handling skills. This teaching method through Virtual Reality paired with the handling controls from our Serious Game will easily and quickly train new apprentices for the job.

Long hours spent in the field to learn how to use the tools can now be left behind, apprentices will only need to go once before they become completely autonomous and responsible.

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