Some of our clients

Our work spans a range of businesses that need enterprise-level applications and digital services.
We work diligently with clients to analyze, optimize, and increase their ROI.

Octalia entrusts us with the maintainance of their information technology and we constantly look for new evolutions and fonctionalities to improve their services.

With our knowledge of Java J2EE we assisted on the creation of a WebService based middleware

We helped Simlinx define their needs and design an ultra secure BackOffice allowing digital project management.

We helped setting up the first software bricks for a DWE (Digital Work Environement) using a recent and sturdy JAVA J2EE technology.

Using our expertise on Adobe Air/Flash frameworks we created the architechture of an online game for an big international multimedia company that produces each year new movies, cartoons and video games.

On many occasions, assisted with the creation of their JAVA J2EE specialised software.

Creation of a multiplatform software suite to manage their production and printing logistics.

We helped MobileSphere to improve one of their web based applciation running on Ruby On Rails and Angular JS.

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