Opencap at the forefront of software development

We are a French company based in Lyon, in the development of software solutions directed at the corporate segment and based on new technologies.
Thanks to our many years’ experience in technological consultancy and development of mission-critical software, we now offer an added value service that enhances the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers.

Why choose Opencap?

Opencap, provides applications development services including all the stages of the software life cycle.
The expert assessment and conception of each project are managed by our team of French engineers and we implement the SCRUM agile methodology
which means you see our progress regularly.

Thanks to the expertise gained by our professionals, OPENCAP is able to anticipate the difficulties posed by each project and to reduce delivery times while maintaining a high delivery capacity.

We are specialized in e-business applications resting on technologies ATG, Java (J2EE) and Oracle Web Center Services. Today, we provide a portfolio of products and services which have been integrated into two business units: Software Engineering Services and E-Business Applications.

The projects we develop are related to different economic segments, including, among others, the areas of finance, industry and commerce, technology and software integrators, transportation, education, government and media.

Professionalism and Expertise Guaranteed

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